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Hisatsune Hospital is located in Shime, Kasuya District, which is a suburb of Fukuoka City. Our hospital is equipped with highly advanced facilities for every medical need. These facilities include MRI, two operating rooms, rehabilitation room and others. In particular, the rehabilitation room has a 417-square-metre area, where a total of 42 rehabilitation staff, consisting of 41 physiotherapists and 1 occupational therapist, are working. They proudly provide our patients with effective physical treatments.
Accredited Hospital
Certificated by JCQHC
Third Certification: 1st Oct. 2017
(Initial Certification: 1st Oct. 2007)
Our Hospital complies with the Accredited Hospital* requirements (Hospital Type I) based upon the Hospital Function Evaluation by Japan Council for Quality Health Care (certificated 1st Oct. 2017, No. JC1360-3).
*) Accredited hospital is given an authoritative approval of Japan Council for Quality Health Care (JCQHC) that the hospital has consistently made an effort to provide a certain level of medical services in terms of safety, reliability and satisfaction of the local community.
 Our Mission
The Spirit of Hisatsune
With reverence for life as our creed, we treat our patients not just as medical cases, but respect each as an individual, while constantly devoting ourselves to study and research in order to provide the latest medical treatment possible. We spare no effort in offering treatment that aims for harmonization of the totality of spirit, mind, and body as the function of life, always seeking our patients' happiness. We also focus inward, continually striving to perfect our purity of intent.
 History and Mission Statements
Hisatsune hospital was established in 1967 by the late Dr. Harumi Hisatsune on the belief that he should have dedicated himself to local healthcare. As a director of Prefectural Tsushima Hospital, he had long time devoted his time to the healthcare for Tsushima islanders. His contribution to the local healthcare has gained trust from the islanders. In 1991, Dr. Akio Taira, who was responsible for plastic surgery, became the president of Hisatsune Hospital, and Dr. Masafumi Hara was appointed as the executive vice president. Dr. Taira became the senior advisor of Hisatsune hospital and continues to hold this post today. Since then, Dr. Hara has been responsible for leading the orthopaedic surgery division of Hisatsune Hospital and became the president in 2001. The clinical activities of Hisatsune Hospital are presently centred on the orthopaedic surgery, which is the medical expertise of Dr. Hara. However, according to the belief of the late Dr. Hisatsune, the plastic surgery team that is led by Dr. Taira, Senior Advisor, also provides quality medical consultations and treatments through collaboration with the Department of Surgery and Oncology, Kyushu University.
Dr. Hara, our current President, studied at Fukuoka University under the supervision of Dr. Naoto Takagishi, Professor Emeritus, who was the internationally respected authority in the orthopaedics for human shoulders. Meanwhile, Dr. Hara learned anatomy of the shoulder from the late Dr. Ryu-suke Tagawa. Thereafter, he learned the arthroscope shoulder surgery, which was the cutting edge medical technology at that time, from Dr, Hiroshi Ikeuchi, Professor at Tokyo Teishin Hospital. In 1989, Dr. Hara was given an opportunity to study at the University of California, Los Angeles, US, by Dr. Takagishi and learned the technique of the arthroscopic shoulder surgery from Dr. Harvard Ellman, Professor, at the university. The arthroscopic surgery was still infancy area of clinical medicine in Japan at that time.
Since the establishment of Hisatsune Hospital, Dr. Hara has dedicated himself to the promotion of the clinical care for the people, who are suffering from frozen shoulder syndrome, sports disorders and other problems, based on his significant experience with good mentors. During that time, he has intensively studied sports disorders. Eventually, he has been able to provide medical consultation for athletes in concert with physical therapists. These experiences enable us to provide comprehensive consultation covering from clinical treatments to rehabilitations not only for the athletes but also ordinary people with disturbance of motor function, which is caused by a great variety of illness, injury, aging, and the other health problems.
The athletes across a wide variety of sports who visited to Hisatsune Hospital have returned to their specific field. This is our pride. Hisatsune Hospital staff also takes pride in their contributions. We also provide effective advices for the ordinary patients who have disorders of motor function in response to their questions. These questions include, “How much or how often they should do exercise? What kind of motion is necessary for the exercise? What rehabilitation measures are appropriate in each case?” In recent years, many people who are suffering from disturbance of motor function develop lifestyle-related diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, and gout. We provide not only with medical treatments but also with advice on lifestyle and nutritional guidance and therapeutic exercise and treatments for these people. This activity has made a great improvement in the recovery and improvement of the health and well-being of these people.
We cherish each of our patients as an individual being an absolutely invaluable and regard diseases as holistic things. We wish we could help every people spend everyday life in good health just the way he or she is.
Accredited Hospital