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Radiation Division

We provide accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment using our advanced equipment.

At the radiation division, we provide appropriate medical information to physicians using X-ray imaging equipment, open MRI, etc. We are making our best efforts to improve the radiographic technique so that accurate diagnosis can be carried out.
With the MRI examination, it is possible to visualize cross sections of the structure of the body in all directions with strong magnetic force. Since MRI does not use radiation at all, there is neither risk of radiation exposure nor any pain during examination.
Our division uses Hitachi AIRIS II MRI scanner. This equipment has the feature that it is open type and has less closed-in feeling. In addition, this MRI equipment generates less noise compared with other
MRI equipment. By receiving the MRI examination, we can understand what we did not see through standard radiography.
Standard radiography of the shoulder joint MRI image of a shoulder joint
(There is rotator cuff tear at the top-right position of the shoulder)
Standard radiography of the knee joint
MRI image of the knee joint
(There is anterior cruciate ligament tear at the center of the image.)
Standard radiography of the lumber spine
MRI image of the knee joint
(There is lumbar disc hernia as seen in the center of the image.)
@CR system & X-ray apparatus
CR system X-ray apparatus
MRI-based measurement of visceral fat for outpatient is carried out. Hospitalization obesity treatment is also available.
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