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Our Specialties

Medical Office

Masafumi Hara, Dr., President, Noriko Hara, Dr., Vice President, Akio Taira, Dr., Senior Advisor, and other medical staff are in charge of surgery and treatments for out- and ward patients. Depending on the surgical, clinical and/or rehabilitation case the doctors hold a conference and discuss with staff of the related sections so that they can integrate their expertise. This enables them to provide the latest and best treatment for the patients.

Orthopaedic Division

They provide treatments and consultations concerning sports medicine to the extent of general surgery particularly in joint and the other physical disorders for outpatients in general surgery and rehabilitation. They have experienced many cases of the arthroscopic surgery to repair the so-called baseball shoulder, recurrent dislocation rotator cuff tear and of surgical operation for treatment of fractures, dislocations, ligament, meniscus, etc. Many athletes who are suffering from sports disorders have visited our hospital from all over the country.
They also provide specialist treatment for patients with sports disorders in knee, hip, and leg joints in cooperation with Fukuoka University Orthopaedic Surgery Team. They intensively grapple with the task of community healthcare so that they can respond to the needs from local people who are suffering from pain in the low back or knees.

Plastic Surgery Division

Dr. Taira, Senior Advisor, plays a leading role in providing a medical consultation and treatment of general and gastrointestinal surgery through collaboration with the surgical oncology team at Kyushu University. They are also practicing preventative medicine with a focus on perioperative whole-body management and lifestyle-related diseases.
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