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Inner Muscle
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Inner Muscle

Do you know that there are two types of muscles?

E Superficial muscle
muscle group lies at the surface.
E Inner muscle
muscle group lies underneath the superficial muscles.
These two types of muscles play different roles.
The superficial muscles generate a greater force.
The inner muscle performs fine and complex movements.
At a glance, superficial muscle that produces great power seems important to do sports, but it is rather important for athletes to train inner muscles because inner muscles play an important role in supporting and stabilizing articular joints.
For baseball players that strain shoulder very hard, in particular, it is very important to train inner muscles that surround and attach to the shoulder joint. Our hospital positions the inner muscle training as "compulsory education of shoulders" and instructs the training methods. Our effort has received great support from many professional baseball players*.
In baseball that uses shoulder frequently, throwing with zero position* will prevent from shoulder joint problem. It is indispensable to strengthen the inner muscle in order to keep ethe zero position.f Dr. Hara, the President, has provided professional baseball players with technical advice on training method and clinical treatment as the Sports physician approved by the Japanese Orthopaedic Association.
*) The zero position is the orthopaedic term: in this position the rotator cuff muscles are neutral with no strain on them.
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