152-1 Aza Ushimaru, Oaza Tadomi, Shime-machi,
Kasuya, Fukuoka, 811-2204 JAPAN
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Plasma Display at the Reception on the 1st Floor
We take security and privacy of our patients. We will make you feel welcome and ensure as short queues as possible. If you would like to go out of the hospital during the waiting time, depending upon your request we will inform you through mobile before your turn comes. This enables you not to waste any time. Please feel free to ask.
Primary Operating Room for Surgery on the 3rd Floor
We perform some 300 cases of surgical operations every year.
Outdoor Pitchers-mound
We have an outdoor pitchers-mound. This works as a bullpen by professional or high-school baseball players who have visited to our hospital in order for them to undergo rehabilitation or training.
Lounge on the 1st floor Waiting room on the 1st floor for outpatients Upstairs nurse station with a face-to face counter

Outlines of Our People and Facilities

Hisatsune Hospital, Nisseikai Medical Corporation
Dr. Masafumi HARA, President & Chairman of the board
Dr. Noriko HARA, Executive Vice President
Dr. Akio TAIRA, Senior Advisor
Senior Doctors in a Specialty:
Dr. Motoyuki FUJISAWA, Orthopaedic Surgery
Dr. Taiga Oda, Orthopaedic Surgery
Dr. Yoshimi IKEMOTO, Anesthesiology
Dr. Toshiie SAKATA, Internal Medicine of Lifestyle-related Diseases
152-1 Aza Ushimaru, Oaza Tadomi, Shime-machi, Kasuya, Fukuoka, 811-2204 JAPAN
Subject of Medical Treatment:
Orthopaedics, Plastic Surgery, Gastroenterology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Anesthesiology
The number of beds permitted under the Medical Care Law:
The number of surgical operations:
approx. 300
Accredited Hospital