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Nursing Division

The nursing division works as a member of a medical team on the immediate side of the patients in a wide range from athletes to the elderly, with a spirit of compassion, kindness and service in order to create a hospital, the like of which helps patients feel relieved.
Our Spirit of Nursing
We are aiming for high-quality nursing with a rich spirit and sensitivity, based on human respect.
Nursing System
Nursing Statistics (the patient-to-nurse ratio) General Ward 10:1
We will try our best to creat a hospital, the like of which helps patients and their family feel safe, secure and relieved.
Not only does the nursing staff join in a doctorfs preoperative conference but also discusses the cases in the other occupations that are different from the patients in our hospital. This way, the nursing staff can share a treatment policy with doctors and try to solve problems for the recovery of patients.
Considering the health of the patient, they organize a medical team and hold working sessions repeatedly to prevent lifestyle-related diseases.
  • We will refine awareness and sensitivity as professionals.
  • We are striving to create a work environment where we can demonstrate the expertise of nursing.
  • We are also working on nursing research with the aim of improving the quality of nursing.
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