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@About S.A.F.E
S.A.F.E. stands for Supporting Athletes with Food and Exercise, an organization launched to support athletes from the aspects of nutrition and exercise. Hisatsunefs doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, health fitness programmer, and national registered dietician in cooperation are doing various activities not only for athletes but also contribute to the promotion of the health of many people doing exercise.
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@Healing Room
Our hospital practices total health care for patients, such as lifestyle-related disease and non-smoking outpatient clinic.
For the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases and promotion of patient's health, we invite an qigong therapist and have a qigong lesson once a week.
When it comes to Qigong, almost of all of the people may imagine the appearance of holding a palm and sending a feeling. This is external qigong. In our healing room, we invite patients to participate in internal qigong which combines gymnastics, breathing method and image training.
@About Qigong
Qigong is basically a method for relaxation of mind and body.
In a state where the mind and body is stable and relaxed, self-control of the mind and body is performed comprehensively using body movement and postures, breathing, and imaginations. It is believed that qigong is a method to train the internal organs, as opposed to training muscles in sports.
In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed important that the balancing of the flow of chfi within the body is desirable to prevent disease. Given that the form and movement of qigong is quite simple and gentle, if he or she can only repeat it a number of times, qigong allows the potential health to be developed.
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